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Police Chopper vs. Laser Prankster

Police Chopper vs. Laser Pranksterplay video

The West Midlands Police shows why you should never aim a laser pointer at an aircraft. First of all, it can distract or even temporarily blind the pilot. Second, you’re literally pointing out exactly where you are.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Helicopter

Hydrogen Peroxide Helicopterplay video

This one-man helicopter is powered by hydrogen peroxide gas rockets attached to the tips of its rotors. While we’re guessing it’s not the safest aircraft ever made, we’re duly impressed that it gets off the ground at all.

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Rally Helicopter Skills

Rally Helicopter Skillsplay video

Helicopter fly-overs provide one of the coolest perspectives on rally races. In this clip, the chopper pilot demonstrates his impressive flying abilities, keeping up with every move of the drivers below. More footage here.

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Insane R/C Copter Skills 2

Insane R/C Copter Skills 2play video

YouTuber Tareq Alsaadi demonstrates his upgraded Goblin 770 RC helicopter by showing off his piloting skills. Watch as he makes his toy look like something from The Exorcist. Or Key & Peele‘s excitable valets.

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Extreme Helicopter Aerobatics

Extreme Helicopter Aerobaticsplay video

While we prefer that helicopters we fly in remain upright, Red Bull helicopter pilot Chuck Aaron demonstrates some of the stomach-churning maneuvers you can pull off in a chopper if you really know what you’re doing.

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R/C Helicopters Lift Woman

R/C Helicopters Lift Womanplay video

We had no idea that R/C helicopters could be so powerful, but in this video from HeliGraphix, they appear to have lifted a woman off the ground using two heavy-duty remote-controlled helis. Watch them pull a boat, with passengers, here.

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Giant R/C Helicopter

Giant R/C Helicopterplay video

We’ve seen huge remote-controlled jet airplanes, so it’s time to give a helicopter the spotlight for a few minutes. Josef Schmirl’s incredibly-detailed R/C chopper sounds like a real helicopter as it buzzes by, and even has a tiny crew inside it.

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Helicopter Harvests Xmas Trees

Helicopter Harvests Xmas Treesplay video

YouTuber Dan Clark pilots a helicopter to harvest Christmas trees at the Noble Mountain Tree Farm in Oregon. It seems like the trees were already uprooted and bundled before he picked them up. Here’s a POV video of the task.

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Volocopter VC200

Volocopter VC200play video

A marvel of modern engineering, E-volo’s electric helicopter uses 18 rotors to lift its passenger compartment off the ground. It’s designed to lift two occupants for about 20 minutes on a charge. Significantly refined since its early prototype.

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Hex Nanocopter

Hex Nanocopterplay video
$49++  Pledge View

Hex is just like a tiny RC car, except it flies. It’s cheap, it’s easy to control and it’s easy to customize. It uses 3D printed shells with different shapes, sizes and number of propellers. It can also be fitted with a camera.

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Helicopter Drop Test

Helicopter Drop Testplay video

NASA recently conducted a series of tests in which a helicopter fuselage was dropped from about 30 feet to help improve safety in crash landings. Frankly, it looks like kind of a fun ride. Or maybe a quick way down from a treehouse.

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Saving Pool

Saving Poolplay video

A couple of years ago YouTuber João Guimarães woke up to the sounds of a firefighting helicopter. The firefighters borrowed some water from his swimming pool to put out a nearby fire. The pilot’s maneuvering skills are amazing.

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Garden Defense Helicopter

Garden Defense Helicopterplay video

(NSFW: Language) We like to keep a cool head, but some pesky garden bugs could really use some termination with extreme prejudice. Like many awesome gadgets however, the tiny but mean UH-60 is obviously too good to be true.

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ZEROº Helicopter Concept

ZEROº Helicopter Concept

A one-seater helicopter designed for zipping over rush hour traffic. We’re not certain about the airworthiness of Héctor del Amo’s chopper design, but we’re all over the concept, and hope to see something like it produced at some point.

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Insane R/C Copter Skills

Insane R/C Copter Skillsplay video

R/C pilot Bert Kammerer takes the lessons we learned from this helicopter flying video to a whole ‘nother level, flipping and twirling his chopper thorough a seemingly physics-defying flight. Bert, will you please come mow our lawn?

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Helicopter Driving

Helicopter Drivingplay video

For a brief moment, we were convinced this POV video was shot from a truck’s dashcam, but the unmistakeable sound of the rotor quickly reveals that we’re flying inside of a helicopter.

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LEGO Air Crane Helicopter

LEGO Air Crane Helicopter

It may not be made of as many bricks as his other famous creations, but Ryan “BrickMan” McNaught’s 100,000 brick, 13-foot-long replica of the Erickson S-64 “Elvis” air crane is still a sight to behold.

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R/C Water Cannon Helicopter

R/C Water Cannon Helicopter
$40  Buy Hat Tip View

Take water gun wars to the next level with this remote-controlled copter. It packs a refillable electronic water blaster. No scorestreak needed. Video of a similar chopper here.

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