Electron Microscope Food
Cake Sprinkles - 65x Magnification

Electron Microscope Food

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Using an electron microscope, photographer Caren Alpert shot these incredible images of food magnified to reveal details you’d never believe were hidden in such common edible items.

Table Salt - 45x Magnificationpop out

Table Salt - 45x Magnification

Fortune Cookie - 150x Magnificationpop out

Fortune Cookie - 150x Magnification

Sun-Dried Tomato - 250x Magnificationpop out

Sun-Dried Tomato - 250x Magnification

Pineapple Leaf - 85x Magnificationpop out

Pineapple Leaf - 85x Magnification

Raisin - 35x Magnificationpop out

Raisin - 35x Magnification

Star Anise - 14x Magnificationpop out

Star Anise - 14x Magnification

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