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Halloween Cat 2

Halloween Cat 2play video

Here at The Awesomer, it’s clear we are fans of the cats. And cats are funny, especially when they’re feeling undignified; today, please enjoy Linus in his costume and the insult added to injury at the end.

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People Are Awesome

People Are Awesomeplay video

We’ve featured a number of the individual stunts from this video before, but this 5 minute compilation gives you a boatload of awesome acts (and one hoax) in one bite-sized package.

199 Stars
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Droids at the Electronics Store

Droids at the Electronics Storeplay video

“The Greatest Electrical Store In Our Galaxy” scores a huge win with this ad. The droids wander into one of Currys & PC World’s Megastores and get lost in a sea of their mechanical kin.

38 Stars
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Kanye West: Runaway

Kanye West: Runawayplay video

(NSFW) Want to see K. West’s “noir piece”? Then prepare to sit your ass down for 34 minutes. The short film/long-ass music video is a visual feast, and of course, it’s full of awesome music as well.

50 Stars
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Bollywood Transformer

Bollywood Transformerplay video

We have no idea what’s the deal is with this Bollywood clip of a little kid in a cowboy outfit dancing with Bumblebee from Transformers. All we know is Michael Bay has just been outdone.

17 Stars
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Diablo III: Demon Hunter Play

Diablo III: Demon Hunter Playplay video

You’ve seen the trailer, now watch Diablo III’s Demon Hunter class in action. She can unleash fiery projectiles, slow down and bunch mobs together, set traps and dash away from danger.

35 Stars
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Car Pac-Man

Car Pac-Manplay video

The Chevrolet Cruze shows off its handling and nimbleness on a super-sized Pac-Man level. A white Chevy played Pac-Man against the black Chevy ghosts (background song NSFW).

19 Stars
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Toy Simpsons

Toy Simpsonsplay video

Youtube phenom Mystery Guitar Man takes on The Simpsons theme song, playing the opening theme on a dozen kids toys. We miss the animation, but the clever instrumentation makes up for it.

25 Stars
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1928 Cell Phone?

1928 Cell Phone?play video

Yellow Fever Productions’ George Clarke carefully deconstructs a bit of footage from Charlie Chaplin’s 1928′ silent film The Circus, in which he thinks he’s spotted a time-traveler with a cell phone.

92 Stars
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EXPO Water City

EXPO Water Cityplay video

One of the videos in Martin De Thurah’s City series shown at Expo Shanghai 2010, Water City is a feast for the eyes, capturing a variety of the forms, textures and tones of water.

17 Stars
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Floating Cube Illusion

Floating Cube Illusionplay video

Play the video and watch as the cube dances before your eyes, hovering over the cardboard. Keep watching to see how the trick is made. What we can’t figure out are the floating hands.

100 Stars
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Speed Card Packing

Speed Card Packingplay video

Part of College Humor’s 8 People Ridiculously Good at Ordinary Jobs playlist, these factory workers show you how to pack a deck of playing cards in 5 seconds. That is, if you can follow their hands.

51 Stars
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Kitty High-Fives

Kitty High-Fivesplay video

We’re not really sure if these cats are playing patty-cake, high-fiving each other, or think they’re looking in the mirror. The video says “Wing Chun Sticky Hands,” but we don’t know what that is.

48 Stars
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Fixing the Xbox 360 RRoD

Fixing the Xbox 360 RRoDplay video

(Language NSFW) Got an original Xbox 360? Then you’ve still got a chance of falling victim to the dreaded Red Ring of Death. Here’s how the Marines takes care of their 360s when the RRoD strikes.

68 Stars
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Neature Walk

Neature Walkplay video

One of the neatest videos of the year. Neature Walk is a new series about the neatness of Nature. “This is an aspen. You can tell that it’s an aspen tree because of the way it is.” Watch ep. 2 here.

55 Stars
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Roller Coaster Barfer

Roller Coaster Barferplay video

Do not watch this if you’re eating, or if you gross out easily. We’re serious. This smiling lady is going to be a fountain of puke in just a few seconds. Her seatmate’s reaction is just priceless.

78 Stars
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Set Yourself On Fire Safely

Set Yourself On Fire Safelyplay video

There is a difference between setting yourself on fire and burning yourself. As explained by Theodore Gray, stuntmen often use a water-filled polymer to protect their skin. More at PopSci.

27 Stars
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Edited for Television

Edited for Televisionplay video

(NSFW) Profanities are often bleeped out when movies are aired on TV. Sometimes though, they’re replaced by similar sounding words, leading to unintended gems. “Yippee-ki-yay Mr. Falcon!”

67 Stars
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Ben Kenobi: Private Jedeye

Ben Kenobi: Private Jedeyeplay video

While Obi-Wan Kenobi had some spare time between episodes 3 and 4, he took on a brief gig as a private detective. Be sure to stick around for the phone call he takes from Darth Vader.

37 Stars
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Hula Hoop Stunt

Hula Hoop Stuntplay video

Well, it isn’t free diving or sick parkour moves; it’s 4 non-extreme dudes having some good fun jumping through a hula hoop in a synchonized and humorous fashion. You’ve got to start somewhere.

91 Stars
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How Not to Catch a Mouse

How Not to Catch a Mouseplay video

After watching this video, we decided that the mouse in it deserves a second chance, and should become somebody’s pet. Whoever invented the wooden mouse trap clearly should be fired.

60 Stars
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