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Could We Actually Live on Mars?

Could We Actually Live on Mars?play video

AsapSCIENCE explores the challenges associated with colonizing Mars. While water is plentiful and it’s possible to produce air, the red planet has less sunlight and gravity than Earth, and then there’s the little problem of getting people there.

12 Stars
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Street Fighter: Goat & Sheep Ed.

Street Fighter: Goat & Sheep video

YouTuber Marca Blanca compiled a bunch of viral video clips of goats and sheep being – well – goats and sheep. But in this case, they’re also playing a 1990’s video game. We think it needs more angry ram footage.

18 Stars
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Possessed Fan

Possessed Fanplay video

Here’s an enthusiastic fan cheering for her team. Or a someone scared stiff witnessing something horrifying. Or someone in dire need of exorcism. Or a body snatcher who just spotted a human. Or a human yelling like a goat yelling like a human.

38 Stars
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SNL: McConaughey & Harrelson

SNL: McConaughey & Harrelsonplay video

While Johnny Depp is now that dude who plays weird characters, Matthew McConaughey is that dude who makes normal characters weird, as lampooned by Saturday Night Live and host Woody Harrelson. Unofficial mirror here.

15 Stars
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Hiking, Fishing & Skating

Hiking, Fishing & Skatingplay video

Vimeo member Brandon Rein and his friends made one of the most pleasantly unique skate videos you’ll ever see, featuring a rock formation as a skate park and a scenic view of Sierra Nevada, topped off with bluegrass music.

7 Stars
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“Unaired” Nike Commercial

“Unaired” Nike Commercialplay video

“Crunchy is my favorite word… but tomorrow I have a feeling it might be lava.” An amusing and affecting satire of pretentious commercials, with a pompous philosophical monologue befitting True Detective’s Rust Cohle.

17 Stars
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Wingsuit Surfing

Wingsuit Surfingplay video

Team Betsafe skydivers Espen Fadnes and Bjørn Magne Bryn pulled off a perfectly coordinated jump in which one of the men wore a wingsuit and allowed the other to stand on his back for over 20 seconds while approaching with his canopy.

9 Stars
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Squirrelled Away

Squirrelled Awayplay video

YouTuber Viva Frei put his GoPro down to get a better view of a squirrel. The rodent seemed to be down for a photo shoot, but given its actions a few seconds later we think it was actually assessing the nuts-to-camera exchange rate.

22 Stars
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Gymkhana Seven

Gymkhana Sevenplay video

Ken Block is back once more, this time burning massive rubber on the streets of LA in his custom-built Mustang Hoonicorn RTR, an 845hp beast that bears little resemblance to the ’65 Mustang it started as.

44 Stars
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Neil Cicieraga: Fly Away

Neil Cicieraga: Fly Awayplay video

(NSFW: Language) At first, this appears to be a fan-made lyric video to Lenny Kravitz’s Fly Away. But does the song really go like this? Then you look at who uploaded it and it suddenly makes sense. I WANT A MILKY WAYYY

4 Stars
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Crazy Cockatoo

Crazy Cockatooplay video

YouTuber MegaBirdCrazy’s 25-year-old cockatoo Pebble doesn’t like the idea of her human parents watching TV instead of her, and goes straight-up loco. And people say kids are attention hogs.

10 Stars
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Interview with a Time Traveler

Interview with a Time Travelerplay video

A journalist meets with a man who’s been sending him accurate predictions, claiming to be a time traveler. James Cooper’s short won’t wow you with effects or action, but Eric Johnson’s portrayal of the mysterious figure makes up for it.

16 Stars
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Japan’s 311MPH Train

Japan’s 311MPH Trainplay video

Citizens rode Japan’s upcoming magnetic levitation trains in a public test run. The train went up to 311mph (500kph), over 100mph faster than the famous Shinkansen or bullet train line. Original video here.

29 Stars
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Crazy Generous Arcade Game

Crazy Generous Arcade Gameplay video

(NSFW: Language) YouTuber maxmoefoetwo found the arcade equivalent of Xíng háishì bùxíng. This Japanese medal game has so many crazy mechanics and parts, and it doles out prizes so epic you’d wonder if the machine was broken.

63 Stars
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Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?

Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?play video

Animeme’s hilarious parody of Frozen’s Do You Want to Build a Snowman?, told from the perspective of Breaking Bad’s Walter White as he eggs on a reluctant Jesse Pinkman. This is some serious South Park level musical theater.

20 Stars
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If You Could…

If You Could…play video

(NSFW: Language) YouTuber aaronsafilmnerd claims that he originally recorded this video for his Sociology homework. He asks his father theoretical questions of such poor quality and delivery that it drives his old man to a fit of rage.

53 Stars
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He-Man’s Best One-Liners

He-Man’s Best One-Linersplay video

Skeletor might have a way with the insults, but He-Man knows how to speak his mind too. Though from the sound of his observational humor, we’re not sure he should quit his day job for a standup gig quite yet.

5 Stars
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Playgrounds: Manipulating Reality

Playgrounds: Manipulating Realityplay video

Video directors Bif created this awesome set of opening credits for the Playgrounds International Digial Arts Festival, in which they shred, distort and twist the world into a mindbendingly abstract new universe.

8 Stars
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Call it the iWatch & We’ll Kill You

Call it the iWatch & We’ll Kill Youplay video

(NSFW: Language) CollegeHumor pokes fun at Apple’s self-inflicted branding dilemma now that it’s resorted to adding “Apple” instead of “i” to its product names. We guess the company’s CEO is no longer with us.

9 Stars
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Rainbow Man

Rainbow Manplay video

Despite the huge number of Marvel and DC Comics films in production, they have yet to dig into the archive of the more obscure superheroes. But when they eventually run out of ideas, there’s always the man with the power of rainbows.

9 Stars
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Cymaticsplay video

New Zealand musician Nigel Stanford’s electronic track is made complete through a series of visual experiments which demonstrate the interaction between sound and matter – augmenting his music with fire, sand, fluids, and electricity.

39 Stars
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